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We recruit from trainee to experienced Finance roles within the London market.


As a leading London finance recruitment agency, we have the opportunity to collaborate with the most talented individuals in the London market for finance positions. Our ultimate goal is to identify the ideal candidate who perfectly aligns with our client’s company’s requirements.

As a leading finance recruitment agency in London, we have the privilege of providing valuable guidance to both our clients and candidates on the local market. This includes expert advice on market salaries, the types of candidates they can attract, and recommendations on how to best promote their company to a legal audience. We take pride in our ability to offer insightful support throughout the recruitment process.

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Retained Search Solution

J-A Group provides a retained search service for senior and challenging company secretarial roles. We recognize that these positions must be recruited with the utmost confidentiality. As your partner, we are committed to delivering the desired outcome regardless of how long it takes.

Benefits of a retained Co-Sec search include:

Dedicated Recruiter:

In a retained finance search, the company has a dedicated recruiter who is focused solely on finding the right candidates for the role. This allows for a more thorough and in-depth search and helps ensure that the best candidates are identified and evaluated.

Customized Search:

Our recruitment firm works closely with the company to understand its specific needs and requirements and conducts a customized search to identify the best finance candidates for the role.

Guaranteed Results:

In a retained finance job search, the search firm typically guarantees that it will find the right candidate for the role, or the company will receive a refund of its retainer fee


Retained finance searches are often conducted on a confidential basis, which can be important for companies that don't want their search for top company secretarial talent to become public knowledge.

Exclusive Access to Top Candidates:

In a retained finance search, the search firm has exclusive access to top candidates, including those who may not be actively seeking new opportunities.

Reduced Risk:

Retained recruitment searches reduce the risk of a bad hire, as the hiring company is presented with the most qualified and vetted candidates.

Reduced Workload:

A retained recruitment search can reduce the workload for the hiring company, as the search firm takes care of the initial screening and assessment.

Direct Headhunting:

Retained searches focus on direct headhunting which can be effective in bringing passive candidates to a company. Passive candidates are those who are currently employed and not actively looking for a new job, but they may be open to new opportunities.

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Contingency Recruitment Solution

Contingency recruitment is a type of recruitment service where the recruiter is only paid a fee if they successfully place a candidate in a job. In other words, the recruiter only receives a fee if the hiring company hires a candidate that the recruiter has presented.

The benefits of contingency recruitment include:


Contingency recruitment is often less expensive than other types of recruitment services, as the recruiter only receives a fee if they successfully place a candidate. This can be an attractive option for companies that are looking to recruit top talent, but are working within a tight budget.

No Upfront Fees:

With contingency recruitment, there are no upfront fees, so companies can start their recruitment process without having to make a significant investment but this can also be a negative.

Access to a Wide Pool of Candidates:

Contingency recruiters have access to a large pool of candidates, and can present multiple qualified candidates to the hiring company. This gives the hiring company a wider selection of potential candidates to choose from, increasing their chances of finding the right candidate for the job.


Contingency recruiters work on a fast-paced and competitive basis, and are motivated to find the right candidate quickly. This can be especially beneficial for companies that are looking to fill a critical role, or that need to recruit top talent quickly.

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Registering with J-A Group offers a range of benefits for finance professionals seeking a new role. Here are just a few reasons why you should register with us:

The benefits of registering as a candidate include:

Access to a Wider Range of Opportunities:

By registering with London’s leading finance recruiter, professionals gain access to a wider range of job opportunities than they would through their own personal network or job searching on their own.

Specialized Expertise:

As a specialist finance recruiter in London J-A Group has specialized expertise in the industry, which enables us to provide valuable insights and guidance on job opportunities and career development to our candidates.

Career Guidance:

As a leading finance recruitment agency in London we provide career guidance and support, including advice on interview techniques, CV preparation, and negotiation of job offers.


Finance recruiters offer a high level of confidentiality to both clients and candidates which is particularly important for senior or executive-level positions.

Industry Insights:

As a leading finance recruiter in London, we have extensive knowledge of the industry and can provide valuable insights into market trends, salary expectations, and career paths.

Relationship Building:

By registering with a finance recruiter, professionals can build long-term relationships that can lead to ongoing job opportunities throughout their career.

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