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J-A Group was formed by Gianpaolo Pacitti who worked in recruitment for several years at a large FTSE corporate recruiter, where he cut his teeth in the dynamic and fast paced recruitment world. Initially, our founder fell into recruitment to fund his career transition into law, which was a successful one. After working in law for several years, our founder realised he genuinely missed the trill of helping clients and candidates achieve more.

Gianpaolo has been quoted as saying “recruitment is the purest form of sales” as it is his belief that in a successful recruitment cycle everyone wins. The candidate finds a great new opportunity, the client receives the talent they need to become a successful business and the recruitment team are rewarded for their service.

One of our core business principles is to add value in every corner. From our candidate led newsletters, Podcast, CV templates and job spec templates, we aim to educate, and create as stress free a recruitment cycle as possible.


Why us?

We have several core policies internally with regards to client engagement. As many recruiters aspire to receive as many mandates as possible to reach KPI’s with the average agency fill rate in the industry in the region of 20 to 30%. We decided to change our strategy as a corporate recruiter and only take on quality mandates that we believe we can offer a high-quality service throughout the process. This strategy has raised our average fill rate to above 70%, as we are able to offer every client we engage with the time and resources needed to successfully fill that role.

We also don’t focus on KPI’s as an agency, rather our focus is building long-term relationships with hiring managers from their early careers to when they finally move into a hiring position. Recruitment for a hiring manager is a frustrating process, as it takes a lot of time away from the hiring managers day to day job. To reduce our client’s workload, we offer high caliber resources, such as job spec templates, interview checklists, and we also carry out first stage interviews of candidates via zoom and we ensure that candidates are adequately prepared for interviews, by doing this, we can reduce the stress and time attributed to recruitment cycles from clients.
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Our Directors


Gianpaolo Pacitti

Director & Founder
Gianpaolo has extensive experience in both working in law and as a legal recruiter. Having worked in commercial and corporate law settings in London, Gianpaolo is well versed in all things law and legal recruitment.
A legal recruitment specialist

Remo Pacitti

Remo studied at the University of Edinburgh gaining a 2-1 in finance before relocating to Australia and cutting his recruitment teeth in the Australian mining recruitment sector. Having shifted to corporate recruiting three years ago, Remo is well versed in the London corporate sector.
A legal recruitment specialists

Tino Pacitti

Tino came to recruitment late in his career whilst running his own family business for the majority of his career. Tino gained experience initially in the accountancy and finance sector of recruitment. Using both his knowledge of business and recruitment, Tino’s valuable knowledge is an asset to our business.

Our Core Values

Respect is a core value that applies to both internal and external relationships. It means treating everyone with dignity, empathy, and courtesy, regardless of differences in race, gender, age, or background.
Striving for excellence means setting high standards and continuously improving performance. This value encourages a culture of continuous learning, development, and self-improvement.
Innovation is the key to staying competitive and relevant in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. A company that values innovation encourages creativity and experimentation, and is willing to take calculated risks to drive growth and progress.
Teamwork is a core value that emphasizes collaboration, communication, and mutual support among employees. It involves working together towards a common goal, valuing diversity and inclusivity, and building strong relationships based on trust and respect.
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